The Big Move

Eeeek! So my Eurotrip has sadly come to an end and I willingly transplanted myself to Tennessee a few weeks ago! But before I get to the good stuff, like my first day of CRNA orientation, Europe was amazing and I seriously had the time of my life. Yes, five weeks of traveling did wear on us, but it was sooooo worth it! Since we visited five countries, I don’t want to overwhelm you with hundreds of pictures so I’ll slowly add them as I post, one country at a time and starting with København, aka Copenhagen!

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Now for the good stuff… CRNA orientation! It consisted of your typical honor code, health insurance, IT support, and financial aid mumbo jumbo, but after lunch we were able to take a tour of the campus and meet our professors and upperclassmen… which was without a doubt the BEST part of the day. Our director started off with a presentation of “the what to do’s and what not to do’s” to be successful in the program. Remember when you were in nursing school and the professors made the terrifying, “Look to your left. Now look to your right. One of you will not make it to the end” speech? Yeah. Not so much in this program, which was one of the reasons why I chose it. Instead, we were repeatedly reminded how awesome we all are and to enjoy the next three years! We were also encouraged to help and uplift one another and NEVER compete or compare yourself to other classmates.

After the professors introduced themselves, the upperclassmen began coming down and talking to us about what to expect over the next three years. Some information was no surprise, other information was enlightening to say the least:

-Get use to being called “anesthesia” because it will be your only name in the OR.

-You do not make money for the hospital, the surgeon does. Without the surgeon, we do not have jobs so don’t expect respect from them.

– Stay humble and treat people the way you would want to be treated. Just because you’re a CRNA now, it doesn’t give you the right to talk down to others.


First day of school is tomorrow! Our first summer semester is suppose to be relatively light. We are taking a Leadership and Policy class along with Med-Phys. I’ll keep you all posted!



3 thoughts on “The Big Move

  1. So enjoy following you through your journey to becoming a CRNA! Stay focused and trust in yourself as you possess the required traits for success in life….intelligence, strength, character and integrity. Your strong resolve & determination to attain career objectives is testimony to your future success in becoming a DNP/Nurse Anesthetist.
    Love you!

  2. How awesome! I just stumbled upon your page and read all your CRNA pots! I am so happy for you and wish you the best of luck! I hope to be in your shoes one day!

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