One Semester Down, Eight More to Go! 

Like promised, here a few more pictures from my recent Eurotrip! If you’ve never traveled to Ireland, I highly encourage you to add it to the bucket list! It’s a beautiful hidden treasure with so much to offer and was, without a doubt, my favorite of the five countries we visited!

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Unfortunately I’ve been super busy with school, along with traveling back and forth from home, so I haven’t really had a chance to post an update until now!

So let’s back track! My summer semester absolutely flew by! Again, we had two classes- MedPhys and a DNP Leadership course- both were relatively easy for different reasons. Our MedPhys class was excruciatingly fast paced but since most of us had some sort of Physics and/or Chemistry background, it wasn’t miserable. Opposite of MedPhys, our Leadership class was full of papers and papers and more papers. You’ll notice I refer to every “non-anesthesia” class as a DNP course. It might seem confusing, so let me break it down! In order to graduate with a Doctorate of Nursing Practice (DNP) degree, you have to take several additional courses that are NOT at all pertinent to anesthesia. It sucks and we all hate it, but it’s the difference between having your masters versus having your doctorate.

Im not going to lie, these DNP classes are pretty much busy work on steroids; Theory, Philosophy, Leadership… At least they feel like busy work when you’re swamped studying for courses you’ll actually need in order to pass your boards. A huge surprise to me was when three of my classmates were able to get out of a handful of these DNP courses because they had already taken them a year or so before even starting the program. I had no idea this was even an option! I would definitely recommend looking into this if you’re getting ready to apply to school. Talk to your program of interest and see if the classes will transfer first, but more than likely they will and that will ease your load tremendously!!! I totally would have done this, had I known it was an option! Currently, we are in our second semester and taking Pharmacology, Anatomy, Roles, and Theory. It’s not too crazy, but I have also gotten into the habit of working on papers and projects early so I’m not overwhelmed later on in the semester. Our class is also really good about sharing information and working together, which obviously helps!

I’m continuously surprised by how amazing UTHSC’s CRNA program is! Our class of 2016 not only had a 100% pass rate on boards, but our next incoming class will have 22 students instead of 18!! I can’t rave enough about our program! Our faculty is super focused on passing boards and providing us the absolute BEST training possible! Unlike so many other programs, they don’t weed students out. In fact, they haven’t had a student fail out in like three or four years. And honestly, if you are failing out of this program you practically have to be not showing up for class (which was what happened to the student a few years back). Our faculty is insanely supportive and having students fail out just isn’t an option to them.

If you get the opportunity to interview at UTHSC this year, you won’t be disappointed! There’s a reason why I moved hundreds of miles away from home to come here 😉

More posts to come! We have Tennessee’s CRNA/SRNA conference next month and interviews for our next incoming SRNA class will start at the end of September!!!




One thought on “One Semester Down, Eight More to Go! 

  1. Your entire family is so supportive & so excited about your chosen career, as well as your school of choice. For all who are seeking CRNA schools and fortunate enough to read your blogs, I dare say your comments about UTHSC’s DNP Nurse Anesthetist Program will likely be a positive and influential component in their decision making process. 👏👍

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