My Dream Trip Before Starting CRNA School: Eurotrip 2016

The time has finally come! For traveling, that is 😉

Since high school, I’ve always dreamed of exploring the amazing cultures and authentic historical beauties spread across Europe. With CRNA school right around the corner, it’s now or never. So over the past 5 months, my friend and I have been passionately and eagerly planning the trip of a lifetime!

33 days, 5 countries, and 2 nursing gals on the go!


Now, we are very aware of the terrorist attacks happening across Europe and the US right now. We are vigilantly watching for daily updates and will make sure to avoid excessively crowded areas and big events, particularly in the larger cities. If we ever feel as though we are not safe or we are advised by the US Embassy to not enter certain countries, we will definitely plan accordingly and make necessary changes to our itinerary. We will also be registering in the STEP (Smart Traveling Enrollment Program) to receive text alerts about potential attacks and general warnings. If you too are traveling abroad, you can register by clicking on this link:

I would also encourage anyone who is traveling abroad to not only give their family a detailed copy of their itinerary, but to register their smart phones with an app that will easily allow you to share your current location. You can download several from the App Store, but until I find a better one I’m going to stick with Apple’s Find Friends. So anytime I connect to a wifi hotspot, I can send my location to my family. Another option would be to give your family your icloud information so they can log onto and sign in to see the location of your devices.

Life is too short to be lived in fear, which is exactly what terrorists want you to do… to live in terror. It’s how they win.

In September of 2013, just a few weeks before I was departing for a week long medical mission trip to Kenya, al-Shabaab (an extremist Muslim group) attacked the Westgate mall in Nairobi. This devastating attack led to 67 deaths and 175 injuries. You can only imagine the disappointment my family expressed when they learned I was still going on that trip, especially since we would be spending time in Nairobi. But I knew deep down, I would only regret not going… and I’m so happy I did! Not only did I learn so much about the wonderful culture of the Kenyan people, but I learned so much more about myself and my purpose. It was a humbling trip that forever changed my outlook on life, and I can only hope my time in Europe will do the same.


Stay tuned… we leave in less than 2 weeks!



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